Pet Expo 2012

The bi-annual Dunkley's Pet Expo was held at Christchurches Pioneer Stadium over the weekend of April 14-15. The club decided ttake a stall to help promote the Papillon Breed and to attract new members to the club who already have Papillons but did not know about us. The event was successful on both counts. The stall was half again as big as last time which was perfect except next time we'll need a longer table to help keep the curious away from the resting canines.

 Lee, Jacquie and Rick set up the stall on Friday evening, having made a new cloth backdrop, laminated many enlarged photos of Papillons and created the large banner during the weeks prior.

Saturday was an exceptionally busy day as the pictures in the Photo Album show. At times there were 20 people at and in our stall. We had 5 dogs which we rotated to give them breaks which seemed to work well. 

Sunday was also busy until about 4pm when things trailed off quickly getting mostly other stall holders visiting after that. Lee, Greta, Jacquie and Rick did the take down which went a lot quicker than the setup. 

A special thanks to our stall hosts Jenny & Loren, Bill & Rose, Kathryn, Cathy & Kristen & Amy,  Lee and Greta. 

All in all, it seems exhibitors, exhibits (dogs) and the public had a good experience. We're looking forward to the next one in two years time and hope more members will be inspired to participate.

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