Fun Day Sept 2013

We had our Spring Fun Day at Loren's house today, and the rain stopped long enough for our outdoor judging and prize giving. There are photos in the Photo album. We had a good spread of food and lots of conversation and fun with our dogs.

Many thanks to our Judges Jenny and Lynn for all their difficult decision making. Also thanks to Loren's Mum Donna for judging the Best Decorated Lead competition and thanks to Loren for inviting us into her home.

The results of our competitions are shown below with first and second places respectively and humans in parentheses:

Best Decorated Dog Lead:  Brodie (Greta),  Lulu (Rose)

Eatable / Uneatable game:  Kathryn

Shiniest Coat:  Zoe (Jacquie),  Buster (Bill)

Best Kisses:  Brodie (Greta),  Lulu (Rose) 

Dog most like their owner:  Clair (Jenny),  Shay (Loren)

Dog with most unusual name:  Quincy (Jacquie),  Riley (Ann)

Most attractive markings:  Molly (Kathryn),  Zoe (Rick)

Nicest Eyes:  Lulu (Rose),  Mac (Jennifer)

Judges Favorite:  Lulu (Rose),  Clair (Jenny)

Irish Brace:  Lulu and Shay (Bill and Rose),  Lacey and Brodie (Greta)

Best Oldie 9+ years old:  Molly (Kathryn),  Shay (Loren)

Best Silver Sprinter age 1 thru 8:  Lulu (Rose),  Zoe (Rick)

Best Bronze Baby less than 1 year old:  Buster (Bill),  Lulu (Rose) (2 y/o)

Best Trick of Talent:  Lacey (Kathryn),  Jasper (Rick)

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