August 2013 Ribbon Parade, McLeans Island

Our Winter Ribbon Parade went off without a hitch with 15 competing entries and 45 stake entries. Nature provided a not-so-cold day for us so indoors was quite tolerable though Jacquie and Rick brought a fan heater just to be sure. For the first time we had a new stakes class for Champions because former champions are not allowed to compete in Ribbon Parades which are held to encourage pet owners not yet members of the kennel club to have a go a some competition. We were the only ones in the hall this time which made for a calmer and more spacious event. 

Many thanks to our Judge, Lorraine Hilton, who enjoyed working with little dogs for a change from the larger dogs she usually judges. She was really brave and took good long looks at the dog's teeth. She was justified because none chose to have a finger lunch!

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