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Fun Day May, 2015

Our fun day at Lee’s was well attended and laughter was heard throughout the afternoon. The food was good and everyone got involved in the fun and games. We had several “honorary Papillons” which added some variety to the canine attendees. All the dogs got along well and kept the floor clean of food crumbs. 

Ribbon Parade, 12 July, 2014 McLeans Island

Our winter Ribbon Parade saw a great turnout with 26 Papillons. Our Judge, Martin Hewett, did a great job. He really tuned into the delicate nature of the breed which made the showing experience great for our little dogs. Trevor Thornley did a great job as call steward, keping us all in order and on time. A sample set of photos are in our Online Photo Album and the results are listed in full on our Results Page. We all enjoyed afternoon tea and socializing after the event. 

McLeans Island Golf Course Lunch July, 2014

Thirteen intrepid Papillon owners travelled to the McLeans Island Golf course for lunch on a Friday. The open fire was very welcoming and the golfers outside provided some entertainment, though none of them jumped up and down with frustration on the putting green, which would have added some drama to the peaceful occasion. Because it was a Friday, we had the place to ourselves so if you didn’t pre-order the day before, then you had a choice of toasted sandwiches with pumpkin soup and fish (in crumbs) and chips. No one pre-ordered. Lee asked to have her soup vegetarianized and the cook was happy to oblige. Those who brought dogs had the bonus of space to let them out of the car and have a run around which they seemed to enjoy, as they do. Soon it was time to pack up and head back to town, leaving the blazing fire for someone else. 

If you couldn’t make it, perhaps we’ll see you next time.

Cheers, Rick

Fun Day May 2014

About 15 club members met at Lee’s in Oxford for a pot luck lunch, socializing and fun and games. Three games added to the conviviality. the pass the parcel revealed many interesting things various club members have done or experienced. The musical chairs with dogs was a lot of fun. Good thing the wind wasn’t blowing or all the newspapers would have blown our “chairs” away. We finished up the afternoon with a dog breed bingo game invented by Lee and produced with great effort. The next big event is our ribbon parade on 12 July. Some photos are in the album

April Lunch at Dux DeLux

A warm and cozy lunch was enjoyed by club members at the Dux DeLux on Riccarton Road on Saturday the 17th of April. We sat by a warm fire enjoyed sharing recent news and good company on a rainy wet day.  See our photo album for pictures.

Pegasus Lunch

Fifteen club members enjoyed a good feed at the Pegasus Golf Club Cafe on 15 March, 2014. The food was more than plentiful with no one venturing onward to desert. The view of the driving range provided extra entertainment as did young men hanging onto the back of golf carts. Many dog stories made the rounds as we all connected with our shared experiences with Papillons. 

The next lunch will be announced on the home page as soon as it is booked.

November Lunch

Twenty Papillon owners met for lunch at the Brick Mill Cafe in Woodend in November. The food was excellent and so was the service. Someone brought a Possyum dog roll for show and tell which generated spirited discussion about what was the best food for Papillions. Several tried to right the wrongs of the world while drinking wine. Only the wine seemed to have any noticabale effect and that didn’t last forever. The setting was excellent with a  large back yard and several interesting shops, including a classic car sales yard.

See you next time.

Fun Day Sept 2013

We had our Spring Fun Day at Loren's house today, and the rain stopped long enough for our outdoor judging and prize giving. There are photos in the Photo album. We had a good spread of food and lots of conversation and fun with our dogs.

Many thanks to our Judges Jenny and Lynn for all their difficult decision making. Also thanks to Loren's Mum Donna for judging the Best Decorated Lead competition and thanks to Loren for inviting us into her home.

The results of our competitions are shown below with first and second places respectively and humans in parentheses:

Best Decorated Dog Lead:  Brodie (Greta),  Lulu (Rose)

Eatable / Uneatable game:  Kathryn

Shiniest Coat:  Zoe (Jacquie),  Buster (Bill)

Best Kisses:  Brodie (Greta),  Lulu (Rose) 

Dog most like their owner:  Clair (Jenny),  Shay (Loren)

Dog with most unusual name:  Quincy (Jacquie),  Riley (Ann)

Most attractive markings:  Molly (Kathryn),  Zoe (Rick)

Nicest Eyes:  Lulu (Rose),  Mac (Jennifer)

Judges Favorite:  Lulu (Rose),  Clair (Jenny)

Irish Brace:  Lulu and Shay (Bill and Rose),  Lacey and Brodie (Greta)

Best Oldie 9+ years old:  Molly (Kathryn),  Shay (Loren)

Best Silver Sprinter age 1 thru 8:  Lulu (Rose),  Zoe (Rick)

Best Bronze Baby less than 1 year old:  Buster (Bill),  Lulu (Rose) (2 y/o)

Best Trick of Talent:  Lacey (Kathryn),  Jasper (Rick)

August 2013 Ribbon Parade, McLeans Island

Our Winter Ribbon Parade went off without a hitch with 15 competing entries and 45 stake entries. Nature provided a not-so-cold day for us so indoors was quite tolerable though Jacquie and Rick brought a fan heater just to be sure. For the first time we had a new stakes class for Champions because former champions are not allowed to compete in Ribbon Parades which are held to encourage pet owners not yet members of the kennel club to have a go a some competition. We were the only ones in the hall this time which made for a calmer and more spacious event. 

Many thanks to our Judge, Lorraine Hilton, who enjoyed working with little dogs for a change from the larger dogs she usually judges. She was really brave and took good long looks at the dog's teeth. She was justified because none chose to have a finger lunch!

Lunch at Murphy's Bistro

The group went out to Woodend and had lunch at Murphy's Bar and Bistro. The food was great as was the company. The group is growing with 20 members and friends attending. 

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